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Kizito the Storyteller and 
His Friends

by Cheryl DeKoning

      Kizito is a Ugandan boy that goes to visit his Jajja (grandmother) in the Village. When he is there, some interesting things start happening. Animals show up in his bedroom every morning! Where are they coming from and why are they here? Kizito must find out and figure out a way to help them! 

This fun story teaches children about tree planting and that they can make a difference! 

 It is a wonderful complement to our tree planting program with schools.

Our Trees Our Future is a movement that is committed to reversing the trend of deforestation and its devastating effects by strategically planting millions of trees throughout Uganda and other African nations. 

Our Trees Our Future partners with communities, individual households, schools. government, and interested groups (NGO/CBOs) to grow "the right trees in the right place". Educating the young generation about creation care and equipping youth as tree champions will help ensure a better future for "our children and our children's children"

Please follow us on Facebook & Website and join the movement!

When you purchase this book a portion of the profit goes towards planting trees. You may also purchase books to donate to families, schools, and children's homes in Uganda. 

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 Painting by Amani Hanson to bring awareness and raise funds for Our Trees Our Future. 

 Our Trees Our Future is a tree planting initiative in Uganda that is changing the nation for the generations. Drought and deforestation are leaving thousands without food and water. Tree planting offers the people an opportunity to build their future and future of their children and children's children. These trees produce, food, employment and firewood for each family that plants them and beyond that can rebuild the environment to bring the rain and water that is so desperately needed. Potential victims of human trafficking have a new chance at freedom through the jobs that are provided. 

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