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Welcome to Our Trees Our Future Uganda! 

We are a strategic tree planting movement that works in partnership with schools, farmer groups, community groups, women's groups, environmental groups, corporations, non-government organizations, government agencies, religious groups & many others to help alleviate poverty, create long sustainability and promote environmental stewardship. We believe in "simple sustainable solutions for complex problems". Strategic tree planting is a simple solution for the benefit of people and planet. Join the movement!



"My heart and soul is in this painting... Our Trees Our Future is a tree planting initiative in Uganda that is changing the nation for the generations. Drought and deforestation are leaving thousands without food and water. Tree planting offers the people an opportunity to build their future and future of their children and children's children. These trees produce, food, employment and firewood for each family that plants them and beyond that can rebuild the environment to bring the rain and water that is so desperately needed. Potential victims of human trafficking have a new chance at freedom through the jobs that are provided. 50% of profits will be sent directly to Our Trees Our Future to support the cause!"

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