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We work alongside central Africa's most remote and vulnerable communities to help them end violent conflict and recover from its impact.



This painting was born from the passion to give a voice to the children in Africa suffering from the affects of violence in their homes, villages and countries. 

KONY 2012 was a campaign created by Invisible Children to bring Joseph Kony to justice- the leader of the child- soldier army. 

My name means peace in Swahili - "Amani kea Afrika" is "Peace for Africa"

The poem on the painting says:

My crime is my youth. Robbed of my innocence, I now stand as a criminal shackled to my grief by the weight of this gun. I pray for Freedom and the pardon of my sins.

I look for Hope. In the darkness of my sorrow I see a light. Torches of the strong search for me. 
I hear a roar the sound of many
The ground rumbles beneath my tired feet as the momentum of their voices join in unity
They cry for justice.
The power of it surrounds me
and for now, I feel safe. 
by Amani Hanson

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