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Rebirth 30x40

Rebirth 30x40

"Rebirth" 30x40 

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Painted at Bethel Leader's Advance 2022


Exponential growth 

Exponential breakthrough 

Areas where you have been laboring for a long time are suddenly going to start showing fruit. 

Places where you have been sowing seeds that you have wondered if they will ever grow are starting to grow. You will hear reports of the fruit of your faithfulness. 

You have not labored in vain. Not only has it not been in vain, but what happens is going to be even better than what you have been hoping for. 

There is immense pressure right now but it is the pressure of growth. It’s the seedling breaking through the surface of the soil. 

There have been obstacles that feel like they have hindered your growth and kept you from destiny and they have been weighing you down but Nothing can keep you from His plan when your heart is set on Him. 

What the enemy meant for evil God is turning for good.

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