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(Prints are available for pre-order on paper and canvas.  CLICK HERE:PRINTS)


This painting represents letting Heaven influence the way we think, see and speak. As we surrender to His voice, He opens up our vision to see what we couldn't before, to recieve divine strategies and downloads and to speak words of life that change atmospheres, bring freedom and influence culture. 


This poem is written beneath the surface of the paint:


Break Out

Unlock the confounds of my mind 

Open the passageways if the roads that lead into


Trapped inside I see only the walls of my skull and so

little beyond. 

But you can open it up so I see the panorama of the


and the opportunities that lie on the other side of

hills of vision.

You mark the footprints I should follow. 

There may be none other than your own in front of me.

Where you go, I will go, and where you stay I shall


Lead me outside the cave I sit within 

towards the legacy you cause me to create as I walk.

The destination of freedom and prosperity may fulfill

the desires 

written on the notepaper of my heart, 

but may also catapult the footprints that follow mine,

out of the confines of their minds, 

into the roads and hills of destiny that lie in wait

for the chains of conformity to be broken

and the expression of the renewed mind birthed.


Prints are available for pre-order on paper and canvas.  CLICK HERE:PRINTS

Painted live at Bethel Prophetic Conference

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