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Hi! I'm Amani! I'm so glad you are here! 

I have been creating art since high school. I started with dry media-pastels, pencils & charcoal. Then in 2005, I participated in a weekend painting workshop that became the catalyst for my love of paint.

I started painting mostly with my hands and primarily abstract. As I grew more courageous, I set to work on trying to capture more detail and realism in my art, in order to better communicate the visions in my mind and heart.

More recently, I discovered epoxy resin art. The fluidity and transparency of resin lends itself perfectly to ocean art. immediately fell in love with the medium and dove right in ;) 

 Up until 2 years ago, I had spent my life by the ocean in Canada, Washington, and Hawaii, so it's very close to my heart. 


Amani’s free spirit is evident in the spontaneous, intuitive way she creates. Using acrylic paint Amani merges the loose transparent qualities of watercolor and the rich depth of oil into her own expressive, impressionistic style. Her work is organic and inspired, rich with color, intriguing texture and fascinating paint effects. Amani’s work reaches deep, inviting the viewer to look beneath the surface, to experience the message waiting to emerge. Her paintings often tell the story of adventure, destiny, freedom, identity, and faith. While each piece speaks on it’s own to the viewer - like a mirror communicating something specific, each piece will also expose something of the depth of Amani’s heart displayed on canvas. Her passion is to awaken something in each person who sees her work; something as elemental as curiosity, or as deep as hope, causing them to feel alive, seen, connected, inspired.


"I am constantly absorbing inspiration from my experiences and surroundings and then when given the opportunity I pour them out on the canvas. Sometimes something will be burning in my mind begging me to paint it, while other times I have a message to share and I search for the imagery I want to use to communicate it. 

I like to start each painting by unwrapping the canvas and then sit and stare at the blank space for a little bit or a long while, sometimes touching it and tracing with my fingers what I want to paint. I try to see what's coming and feel out how and where to begin. 

When I paint I lose track of time; I don’t need to eat. I fully engage in the process. When paint gets everywhere- splattered on the walls, puddled on the floor, smeared on my face, I feel alive. I know it's been a good session."

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